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Hydroponic 8 Burner CO2 Generator

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CO2 generator main uses in plant vegetables,increase CO2 content for vegetable and flower planting in greenhouse. Our company produces gas- fired CO2 generator has some characteristics as follows: high yield, safety and convenient operation and low cost, it is an ideal greenhouse product for accelerating plant growth, increasing yield, improving quality and can enhancing disease-resistance.


CO2 yield: 16~26 cubic feet per hour, it is suitable for uses in the over 3200 cube feet spaces.(approximate)


Ignition mode is automatic. And it will ignite automatically in sudden flameout situation. When ignite unsuccessfully, the solenoid valve can automatically prevent the gas from leaking out in the event.

Use 12VDC low watt, use safely reliable.



Model No. 8 burners

Type Natural gas

Reductor input pressure 114mmH2O ( 4.5″W.C.)

Reductor output pressure 40000BTU/hr

Redutor flux    0.6M3/hr

Exhaust way   Force exhaust

Ignition way High-pressured pulse spark

Safety Setting Flameout protection, cut protection

Area of greenhouse(cubic feet)>3200

Wastage of fuel( each burner )(kg/hr) 0.225

Yield( each burner )(cubic feet/hr) 3.47


Rated power supply

Input :100~240VAC

Output: 12VDC 1.25A


BUT(each burner) Natural gas:3135