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High Quality Lab Equipment Flame Butane Gas Burner

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  Butane power
  Height: 16cm
  weight: 239g
  The highest temperature up to 1,300°C/2500°F
  Internal air pressure: 0.35 +/- 0.05MPa
  Double insurance switch design
  Burning time: 20-40 minutes (continued)
  The flame(the middle of the blue flame) is adjustable within 20mm-65mm
  The maximum of The outside flame sparge range is 200mm
  The nozzle is made of alloy and the sheath is made of high temperature ceramics


  This item use high-pressure injection technology (top of the fuselage home a supercharger), special alloy nozzle, flame adjustable, self-locking switch, firepower strong, as a small welding tools in home work well, the components carefully design.
  It can be used to weld small or thin copper, iron, steel, aluminum, tin, gold, silver, aluminum, plastic.
  It can be widely used in dental, glasses, gold and silver jewelery, electronic and metal welding, can also be used for barbecue. For example dental welding, dental hot wax, cutting repair plastics, motor vehicle repair, aluminum windows, and gas etc.

Please Note:

  Lighters with flammable high-pressure gas, please prohibiting children play.
  Please stay away from the use of others and their own face into the flammable goods.
  Please confirm that it has been completely extinguished after used
  Please proper care to avoid prolonged direct sunlight or placed in the ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius.


Package Include: 1pc