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grow box fans

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grow box fans, grow tent fans Plug-and-play,grow fans for grow box tent indoor Hydro Hydroponics Grow(super with led grow light)


Four factors are affecting plants growing - Lighting, Temperature, Water(humidity) & Nutrition.


We not only offer efficient lighting, but aslo supply comfortable temperature & medium humidity for small grow box. 


Do you have grow box indoor house? Do you want to have a good air circulation environment for your plants? please choose our "Mini Hydro Air-Condition Fans"


Our Mini Hydro Air-Condition Fans is designed to keep the air circulating & having suitable humidity, keep the surrounding cool.


  • If Air circulating, it will have enough CO2 for your plants' Respiration. Also, will give a fresh atmosphere for young plants.
  • If Humidity suitable, it will make your plants have a strong stem & evergreen leaves.
  • If Surrounding cool, it will have comfortable temperature around. Like, whenever we see the plants in Spring, they are most exciting & blooming wherever they can get.


Attention: We only have Black color Hydro Fans in stock now. Therefore, we will ship you only Black color. Thanks for your kind understanding.