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Digital pH Meter for better nutrient solution analysis

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PH meter glass electrode is fragile! Do not touch!

The ph Meter Calibration Powder 2 Package Delivery 


Main Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0.00-14.00PH
  • Resolution: 0.1PH
  • Operating temperature: 0 Degree ~ 50 Degree  
  • Battery: 3X1.5V (AG13 button battery type)
  • Dimensions: 142mm (L) × 29mm (W) × 15mm (H)
  • Weight: 51 g (with plastic box 120g or so)

Professional tips:

First,a glass glass electrode thinner, higher accuracy

Second, the benefits of calibration powder: Calibration powder shelf life of 5 years, and the calibration solution, if not open, only a month after the moss will, in addition to the standard requirements is the need for calibration against 250ml distilled water (supermarkets sell) calibration can be calibrated liquid bottle only about 20ml, simply fail to meet requirements, and pen calibration when it is placed inside the bottle, the bottle is too small to simply not put into, opened the calibration solution can only put 15 days on the failure, so with a good bottle of calibration solution we do not recommend using.


In the following cases, pH meter must be recalibrated:

  • has been used after calibration (or place) for a long time;
  • particularly frequent use electrode;
  • the measurement accuracy requirements.

pH meter calibration:

The calibration powder with 250ml of distilled water or purified water open.

The pH electrode is immersed in a mixed phosphate pH value of 6.86 standard buffer solution and gently shaken.

With a small yellow screwdriver, facing pH pen behind the hole, turning left and right can be adjusted calibration potentiometer

Until the display value is consistent with the standard buffer solution ph value of 6.9 at ambient temperature.

Supra electrodes inserted pH4.00 phosphorus stupid acid potassium sandard buffer solution.

After about two minutes. The pH value of the display buffer solution should be compared to the range of allowable error.

Potion Do not dirty, sealed with plastic wrap after calibration can be reused, after calibration with pure water clean, if not often used, in 2 - calibrated once in March!

Soilless cultivation technology in plants, the supply of nutrient solution and nutrient solution provided if it contains all the nutrients the plant needs is critical.

So why did occur during the manufacturing operations, although the addition of the various elements required for plant growth it also appears growing nutrient deficiency symptoms or poor it?

The reason is that the pH of the nutrient solution PH value that is indirectly affect the validity of the nutrient solution in a variety of elements.


PH is too high (PH> 7) will result in precipitation of iron, manganese, copper and zinc and other trace elements, especially the greatest impact on iron; PH value of less than 5, since the antagonism of hydrogen ions, the plant's absorption of calcium is blocked cause calcium deficiency, while also absorbing some of the elements which led to excessive plant poisoning. To make each element nutrient solution fully play its role to ensure good plant growth, which is in general to make a weak acid (PH5.5-6.8) environment to grow.

Pocket-sized digital pH meter, the introduction of advanced technology and imported components, greatly reducing the volume, reduce costs, maintain the original quality, so that the use of pH meter has been popular. Pocket Digital PH meter is a pocket-sized number of significant classic brand acidity, high stability, high reliability, easy to use, inexpensive and popular around the world, the majority of users of all ages.