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Digital Herb Vaporizer/Atomizer

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Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer




The Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer is a Standard Box-Style Vaporizer that comes with a digital temperature control that allows the user to precisely control the temperature within 2 degrees Celsius. It also features an illuminated LCD screen that pulsates to indicate the Vaporizer's current status. The housing unit is made with a durable polycarbonate material and is very lightweight. 



The Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer also comes with a color-changing 18mm Whip that utilizes ground glass technology to guarantee a true Hands Free experience. This Vaporizer employs a ceramic heating element and maintains a heater cover that is firmly fixed to the unit. If that wasn't enough, this Vaporizer was manufactured with replaceable fuses so that electrical surges wouldn't ruin the Vaporizer, just blow the fuse. 


Accessories (Included): 

1 x Glass Wand

1 x Vaporizer Tubing 

1 x Power Cord