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80W 150W Full Spectrum Hydroponics LED Grow Light

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     Voltage requirement: AC85-265W

     100% New Epistar 80W/150W LED Grow Light

     For:Hydroponics Vegetables,Herbs and Flowering plants

     Comfortable and Bright lighting environment

     MSD Type:5730

     Lifespan >50000hours
     LED Color:

              80W: 70 Red+10 Blue+5White+10IR+5 UV

             150W: 140Red+20 Blue+10White+20IR+10UV

     Used:Use indoor for plant grow

     Size :880*45mm / 1105*45mm
    Beam angle :360 Angle

     LM: 80W:1715-2195 / 150W:3430-4390



  • This LED lamp is Brand new & high quality Grow Spotlight
  • no shadow and in excellent condition, it is Energy savinglow power consumption, long life expectancy
  • more Energy efficient than Incandescent, HPS and most Halogen Lamp
  • Low heating,  safe and durable.
  • Easy to install and operation.
  • Our LED grow lights will promote extreme growth in seeding vegetation and flowering cycles resulting in HUGE yields with less heat, guaranteed
  • We have tested the light on our own plants with great success, so it is 100% works , this is the major difference between other seller's products
  • (Note: there are many LED grow lights in the marketplace, but most of them do not use real GROW LEDs. As a result, the wavelengths of the lights are incorrect and they may kill your plants, wasting your time and money. Our lights last six times as long as HID lights and give you 50%-70% savings in energy costs, Warm to the touch - won't burn plants, No HID toxins -- The green grower's choice.

Package inclued:


1 LED grow light + 1 power line + 1pcs led driver + 1 Plug  (the plug according to different country)


Notice: can not custom E27 Connector, thanks for your understand.