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80*80*160cm indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent

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Connecting tube material: Aluminum tube

Aluminum tube diameter: 16mm



Easy, tool-free assembly

Removable, water-resistant floor tray in case of spillage

Vent duct holes, Ventilation windows

Non-toxic, reflective silver-colored inner MYLAR inner lining

Light-tight construction prevents disruption of plant’s light cycle

Sewn-in zippers

Metal grid in ceiling for hanging lights and accessories

Suitable for both hydroponics and soil-based cultivation

Tough, black-colored polyester canvas outer shell

Sturdy metal frame structure, with nylon push-lock corners


Benefits of reflective dark Grow Tent:


By using a reflective dark Grow Tent, it is more easily to provide seeds with steady supply of light, temperature and water. Zipped side and round windows are better for ventilation.

 Non-toxic to Environment

Up to date highly reflective material will NOT react under light and heat to release any harmful gasses, which might damage sensitive plants.

Easy Light & Temperature Control 

A Dark Room grow tent has multiple intake and exhaust ports to be the temperature control. Also the hanging brackets allow grower set up their ideal light supply system. Neither too hot, nor too cold for plants.

 Effective Air Circulation 

To regulate the flow of air, the grow tent provides 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch vents where you can attach an exhaust fan outside the tent. It eliminates any accidents involving the fan damaging delicate plants or producing excess heat to altering the temperature.