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6-Inch Inline Exhausting Fan Blower Centrifugal Fan& Carbon Air Filter&Ducting

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Product description: 

Name:6-Inch  Inline Exhausting Fan & Carbon Air Filter& 8 feet Ducting for Complete Grow Tent Kits Plant Growing


6-Inch Inline Fan:   

Inline Exhaust Fan Blower Centrifugal Fan

1) Power: 230V/50Hz, 120Watt  or 110V/50Hz

  (If you are buyer from Canada, USA, 110V will be send out)

2)CFM: 630m3/h

3) durable coated, composite fan blades and center hub which redueces noise and vibration

4)Remaoves heat from the system.

5) Photos as below:

We have many colors, black, sivery, white, blue, we will send out any color

Carbon Air Filter

1)  Dia  6' , Tall: 300mm 

2) Pre-filter included

3) Odor control for better privacy

4) Cleaner air to promote better health

5)Two free elastic ropes to fix the filter pad.

6)Carbon Layer Thickness: 1.5 inches


1) fire-resistance coating, strong and flexible

2)10 meter length, 6''

3) Photos as below