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300W Led Grow Light Panel + 70x70x160cm Grow Tent

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Upgraded 300W Plant Grow Light Veg Flower Lamp LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel 135W±10%


Our Lights are 100% authentic Mars Hydro LED Grow Light Lamp.We sell lights as true watts now(Since 11/25/2015),You can follow youtube about Mars Hydro for more information.


Hereby we feel obliged to warn customers not to buy from non-authorized Mars Hydro sellers, especially personal sellers. They copy our titles, descriptions and photos, but they sell our lights at a very low price. Real Mars Hydro lights all have the same selling price. Please do not be cheated. 


Please turn to Mars II or Mars Reflector series for more excellent grow results. Professional produce with infrared LED. Higher power draw,


Spectrum: White, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm(9 Band Spectrum)

(Most Appropariate light proportion for increasing the yields of Commericial cultivation)


Product Model Number: Mars 300


LED Diode Count: 60 pcs


LED Diode Brand: High efficiency Epistar (HI-LED) High Intensity


Power Consumption for each Unit: 110V: 135W±10%, 220V: 129W±10%


Lumen: 110V: 4,377lumen 220V: 4,281lumen


Recommend Coverage Area for Per Unit: 2×2ft(Veg) ,1.5×1.5ft (Bloom)


Product Dimensions(L/W/H): 12''×8''×3'' (300×200×70 mm)


Amp: 110V: 1.096A, 220V: 0.591A


Worldwide Voltage Capable: AC85~265


Lens View Angle: 90°/120° Mixed


Noise Level: 56DB


Shape: Rectangular


Lifespan: ≥50,000-100,000hours


Net Weight: 2.53KG





Package Include 


1 x MarsHydro 300/600 LED grow light.


1 x Free UL listed power cord.


1 x Free hanging kits.


We will send the plug according to your country need.


One light in one box/package.


  27''×27''×63'' Indoor Grow Tent 100% Reflective Mylar Non Toxic Hydroponics Room