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11 Holes Plant Site Hydroponic System

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11 Holes Plant Site Hydroponic System 220V Indoor Garden Cabinet Box Grow Kit Bubble Garden Pots Planters Nursery Pots

- durable, water-saving drought, not easily deformed, corrosion resistant, biodegradable, breathable. 

- The hydroponic system is tested by RoHS, and the nutrient solution meets the drinking water standard.

 - The overall sense of strong, elegant and beautiful shape, conductive to a variety of planting operations and plant growth. 

-The cover and colonization basket with dark material, effectively prevent the beam into the basin bowl, thereby reducing the nutrient solution inside the growth of green algae. 

- PP (polypropylene) made of new materials, in line with the requirement of food packaging materials. 


The upper side of the basin is added with a protruding string on each side, which functions as follows; 

1. Can be used as inflatable bubble stone trachea channel, the inflatable pump from the trachea inserted into the basin; 

2. A hallow plastic rod (buoy) can e inserted into the cylindrical hole of the protrusion as the display of the nutrient level. 

Application: balcony garden, green project, office, home furnishings, home gardening, shopping malls, flower garden nursery production hotel.