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10"x20.75" Seedling Heat Mat for cloning propagation

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Seedling heat mat for better plant growth and flower seed germination/propagation.

Type: Seedling Heat Mat
Watt: 21W
Size: 10"x20.75"
Structure: Heating wire+PVC
Power cord length: 1.85m/ 6ft

1. 10"x20.75" root radiance seedling heat mat warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature.
2. Improve germination process and improve on seedling and cuttings success.
3. Durable construction, waterproof and easy cleaning is is ideal for greenhouses, nurseries, and indoor gardens.
4. Can be placed in many different sizes of seedling bowl.
5. The mat can be customize by different size, power, color, material etc.
6. Includes a 6 foot 110V power cord.

Package includes:
1x10"x20.75" Root Radiance Seedling Heat Mat

1. Locate a flat,dry surface of the appropriate size for your heat mat.
Avoid cold surfaces,and they will counteract the heating ability of the heat mat.
2. Plug the heat mat's electrical cord into a standard 120-volt outlet.
3. Place a propagation tray or other plant container on the heat mat. 
For best results,cover seedlings/cuttings with a humidity dome. 

Failure to observe the following safety guidelines may result in fire,electrical shock and/or damage to the heat mat.
1. Never allow the heat mat to become submerged in water or any other liquid.
2. Don't place the heat mat on or under any other heating,warming or insulating device.
3. Don't place the heat mat on rough or pointed surfaces,as this can damage it.